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Student GIS Poster Competition 2017

The Department of Geography at Western University is pleased to announce the first Student GIS Poster Competition. All students from the Faculty of Social Science and any students who have a supervisor in the Department of Geography, are invited to this competition with their studies on any topic regarding GIS and its use.

About the Competion

The poster competition aims to encourage geospatial thinking and to award outstanding students in GIS learning and research.

Submission Deadline: April 23, 2017

Please email your submission to Kathy Tang

Winning Criteria:

Work presented in the poster demonstrates excellence and effective use of GIS analysis. Poster visual quality includes layout, design, readability, and graphics.


Participation prizes will be awarded to all contestants.

Winners will be announced on April 31, 2017 and at the Geography Awareness Week/GIS Day, November 2017.

For any questions concerning the poster competition, please contact Kathy Tang (ktang28@uwo.ca) in the Department of Geography.