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Thank you for your interest in The University of Western Ontario. As Chair of the Department of Geography, I am lucky to be constantly surrounded by such a talented and friendly group of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and visitors. If you are a prospective graduate or undergraduate student who wants to learn and have fun in the process, Western might be a great choice for you. All of our faculty are dedicated scholars, many of whom are world-renowned researchers and others who are acknowledged as excellent teachers.

Our programs educate undergraduates and graduate students to use geographic concepts and skills to understand and solve real-world problems. Although our Department is situated within the Faculty of Social Science, our programs cover four primary areas: urban studies, physical geography, environment, health and development and geographic information science. The study of Geography contributes to the achievement of a better world and is one of the most interesting and exciting disciplines that can be studied at university.

We are becoming increasingly aware that events in other parts of the world have ramifications for you and me. At the same time, we depend increasingly on what appears to be an environment that is changing and expect it to sustain a high-quality lifestyle as measured by a healthy environment, economy and society. Ozone depletion, droughts, floods, and the threats of global warming are issues we see almost daily in the news. Very high demands are made upon the environment by people living in urban areas.

At the same time, proposed resource developments in remote environments are being proposed to meet our demands for goods. The study of place, space and process – the essence of Geography – can help us understand and solve these real-world problems. Career prospects for geography graduates are varied and good. Both the public and private sectors have and continue to employ our graduates for their ability to use geographic concepts and skills, such as cartography, geographic information systems, statistics and qualitative methods.

I welcome you to check out our graduate and undergraduate programs, and if possible visit us on campus to get a taste of the Western experience! You can also contact us via the internet or phone.

Wishing you much success in your educational endeavours,

Dan Shrubsole, Chair,
Department of Geography