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2009/10 Academic Year

'A' Channel Interview with Dr. Michael Buzzelli

Air pollution - its health effects can be wide ranging but its concentrations highly localized. A new study by Health Canada performed by researchers at The University of Western Ontario will be the first to sample air quality of specific London areas and identify pollution hot spots. [SEE INTERVIEW]

The London Free Press reports on Dr. Jason Gilliland's Research on "Food Deserts"

A study by a University of Western Ontario professor in 2008 determined downtown and east London were “food deserts” as they had few grocery stores within easy commute of residents and some were forced to buy from costly corner stores. But the opening of the Western Fair’s Farmer’s Market on Saturdays has ended that designation for the east end ... [READ MORE]

CBC Radio Interview with Bharat Punjabi, Geography PhD Candidate

Relations between India and Pakistan are strained and, current flooding aside, things could deteriorate if the two countries find themselves competing for water. [READ MORE] [LISTEN]

Canada Research Chair - Dr. Joy Parr, Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Joy Parr on her reappointment as Canada Research Chair in Environment and Health Legacies of Industrial and Technological Successions. For information on her current research please visit her websites. [FACULTY WEBSITE] [MEGAPROJECTS]

New Investigator Award Recipient - Dr. Chantelle Richmond

Congratulations to Dr. Chantelle Richmond, recipient of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator Award for her research with Canada's First Nations.  For more information on Dr. Richmond's research, please check out her faculty webpage.

Order of Canada Recipient - Dr. Gordon McBean

Dr. Gordon McBean received his Order of Canada from Her Excellency the Right Honourable MichaŽlle Jean, Governor General of Canada on April 7, 2010 in Ottawa for his contributions in atmospheric and climate sciences which have enhanced Canada’s stature on the world stage. Congratulations Gordon!  [MORE]

Western researcher solves 37-year-old space mystery

Phil Stooke has helped solve a 37-year-old space mystery using lunar images released yesterday by NASA and maps from his own atlas of the moon. [MORE]

New book by Geography scholar

Congratulations to Jeremy Schmidt, Trudeau Scholar and PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography, along with Dr. Peter Brown from McGill University on their recent book publication Water Ethics: Foundational Readings for Students and Professionals. This book examines how different moral traditions affecting water management and policy orient judgements regarding what ought to be done with water. [ISLAND PRESS] [WATER ETHICS SITE]

Dr. Joy Parr - Book Release

Congratulations to Joy Parr, Canada Research Chair in Technology, Culture and Risk in the Department of Geography at Western whose book Sensing Changes: Technologies, Environments, and the Everyday, 1953-2003 has been published. It examines how mega-projects, such as dams and nuclear power plants, and other regulatory and technology changes have forced people to transform their lives – to radically change their sense of place and their way of life. A companion website can be accessed at: Further information on the book can be found here.

International Upper Great Lakes Study Released - Dr. Peter Ashmore

Professor Peter Ashmore, along with Professor Marcelo Garcia from the University of Illinois, coordinated the work of several geoscientists and engineers from Canadian and U.S. universities and government agencies analyzing erosion and sediment transport in the St. Clair River, as part of the IJC-International Upper Great Lakes Study. The Study addresses the influence of St. Clair River on water levels in Lake Michigan-Huron following public concerns that rapid river bed erosion might be one of the causes of recent rapid decline in lake levels. The final study report, (Dr. Ashmore was lead author of Chapter 4), identifies a combination of factors affecting lake levels, dominated by hydro-climatic fluctuations and trends, but concludes that erosion in the St Clair River is not a significant concern. [FULL REPORT]

New Book - "Municipal Ethics Regimes" - Greg Levine

Professor Greg Levine, a Limited Duties instructor in the department, has just completed a book on municipal ethics.  Greg has completed a PhD in geography and also holds a law degree. He teaches the Geography 3415A/B - Geographic Perspectives on Law and Society, which was offered during Intersession (2009). [FULL ARTICLE]

Bright Ideas -- Jinfei Wang and Brad Lehrbass

Dr. Jinfei Wang of the Western geography department and graduate student Brad Lehrbass have developed a method for sorting the pixels in the photos into similar groups, to better distinguish trees from grass or buildings."  [FULL ARTICLE]

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