Jamie BaxterWestern Social Science

Geography of Hazards

A survey of the methods and models used to understand human responses to hazards. The course reviews the rich tradition of hazards research in geography, particularly through the lens of social science. While the course focuses on concepts and models for understanding human influences on and responses to hazards, the course will include discussions of both "natural hazards" (e.g., floods, fires, earthquakes) and "technological hazards" (e.g., nuclear technology, genetically modified organisms, terrorism, war) as examples.


News and Announcements

Dec 22/08

Grades no longer posted here - The powers that be have removed the grades-by-student-number page ("Grades" link on the left menu) as this technically does not meet freedom of information guidlines.  You will have to wait for your final grades to be posted on the main university system.

Dec 3/08 Grades

The pre-exam grades are posted (see menu).  Please double check that your grades have been recorded accurately, particularly if you have asked Steve or I to correct addtion and Turnitin issues.

Nov 24/08 Assignment 2 

A reminder than everyone has to submit their paper to Turnitin.com.  You will lose a mark if you do not. 

Nov 4/08 Assignment 2

List of potential hazards/disasters provided in assignment 2 instructions. Assignment 1 - Want your Turnitin mark?  If you lost a mark for not submitting to Turnitin, if you do so you will get the mark back (see class id and pass next).  Notify Steve or myself by email if you do and we will check it and change your grade.

Oct 14/08 Turnitin login information posted

class id = 2462026; pass = hazards.

Sept 2/08 Syllabus updated for FALL 2008 and first lecture

The syllabus is ready for use for Fall 2008. For the first class, I will go over the syllabus and clarify the goals of the course so you can decide if the course is right for you. Even if you are not registered for the course (yet) feel free to attend!


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