Jamie BaxterWestern Social Science

Social Science Research Methods in Geography

This course is designed to help students to learn some geographic and other social science research methods to address real-world problems. The focal point of the course will be a group research project that will allow students to examine an issue of interest using skills and ideas gained in the course. A range of social science methods weill be covered, both qualitative and quantitative and they will be juxtaposed against traditional experimental scientific methods. Students will learn about research design and the implications of choosing paritcular research questions  methods, and designs. 

News and Announcements

Jan 15/14 Final Reports 

I have the final reports in my office, drop by to pick them up.  I have an office hour Wed at 3:30 every week, but you may catch me at other times as well.

Dec 21/13 Final exam 

The final grades were posted on Owl a few days ago. Nov 21/13 SPSS basics videos  -  If you need a refresher on the basics of SPSS - here are some instructional videos Josh found for you:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CWeHF3Mn00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADDR3_Ng5CA If you need specific help, come see me.

Nov 18/13

Marked Lab #4 (Quantitative Analysis) -  In class the response was unanimous to not keep the quantitative analysis lab as a graded lab.  Here is how your grade weighting changes: the 5% that was reserved for that assignment willl acrue to either the other three labs or the final exam, whichever is to your advantage. For example, if you received 5/5 on the first three graded labs, you will get 20/20.  The TAs or I will calculate this automatically - no further action required on your part.

Nov 7/13

Are you on track? -  I understand some are concerned about whether your group is on track. Given that I have not seen the ethics forms for any of the groups, I expect time may be getting tight.  You do need to keep things moving.   I am unclear what the delay is?  The sooner you get those completed forms to us the better (see Oct 16 news item!).  We will try to turn them around as quickly as possible. All members of the group need proof of having completed CORE ethics training before fieldwork can start. Don't panic - like I say above, you still have time, just not a lot of it so get organized quickly so you can get your fieldwork done in a timely manner.  Your projects are all interesting and you should be excited about getting out there and getting data! [and even if you are not excited, get it done soon anyway - smile]

Nov 4/13

5 copies of your surveys! -  Remember to make copies of your survey and bring them to the tutorial sessions this week.

Oct 16/13

Don't forget ethics -  After you submit your proposals on Monday (Oct 21) it is a good time to direct your attention to completing the ethics process for your project.  See details in the ethics lab at the assignments liink.

Oct 7/13

400 word summary? -  Josh mentioned in lab the value of getting feedback from the TAs before handing in your proposal.  One way to do this is through a 400wd summary.  This is not graded, there is no due date, and this feedback process is not mandatory.  You know what they say about gifthorses though...or is that leading horses to water...? 

Oct 5/13

Geography Pizza and Profs -  The Geographic People's Society (GPS) - Oct 16, 5:30, SSC 3036 - details here - I am going to try and make it.

Sept 18/13

Due date critical appraisal and Turnitin! - There was an inconsistency with the due date for the critical appraisal assignment, so I reverted to the later date - now due next week - see the lab/tutorial or assignments links!  Turnitin is ready to go for the assignment.

Sept 10/13

Tutorials are on! - Yes, the first tutorial is on this week so have a look at the lab by clicking the assignments or lab/tutorial links in the menu to the left.  Josh will run both tutorials this week. T.As! - We now have TAs - Josh Tobias and Riley Dillon

July 26/13 Welcome

If you are not enrolled you are still more than welcome to come to the first class to determine if the class indeed fits your needs. (see pre and anti requisites above). Yes a Tutorial in week 1! - This will be for an ice-breaker and organization into research groups.  See the schedule below. Owl - Owl Sakai will be used to post grades and readings. I may post notices there and participate in the forums (if you do), but I will use this news section (the one you are looking at now, right here) to post important information too, so come back to this page often.


Contact Information

Instructor/TA Room Email Office Hour
Jamie Baxter SSC 1407 jamie.baxter@uwo.ca Tues 15:30 - 16:30 or by appointment (email me)



Lectures - Monday 12:30 - 14:30 NS - 7

Lab/Tutorial 1 - Wednesday 10:30 - 12:30 AH 101

Lab/Tutorial 2 - Thursday 11:30 - 13:30 WL 259