Jamie BaxterWestern Social Science

Environmental Hazards and Human Health

This is a survey course regarding the links between human health to environmental hazard exposure. Issues will include the health impacts of water pollution, air pollution, solid and hazardous waste, toxic substances, pesticides, and radiation. The limitations of models and methods will be discussed.

News and Announcements

April 7/14

Looking for a Spring course in Geography? - Your TA, Tor Oiamo is teaching Geog 2153 - Environment Economy and Society this spring!  Details here: http://geography.uwo.ca/undergrad/courses/Summer2014.html

Mar. 25/14

Assignment 2 due date extension - As I suggested in class last week I am extending the due date for assignment to Monday April 7, 10am at my office SSC 1407 (slide it under there door if there is no box).  I am looking forward to seeing everybody's mark go up - do a good job!  If you have questions about the assignment see Tor (will grade the papers), Emmanuel or myself.

Mar. 19/14

Make-up exam slots - This is a message from the Geography Dept. "I just wanted to let you know that I organized three makeups for this term as follows: 1. Thu Apr 17, 9:00 am, SSC 1059 2. Thu Apr 24, 9:00 am, SSC 1059 3. Thu May 1st, 9:00 am, SSC 1059 If you have students who missed the final and got a special exam form from their counselors they can write on any of these dates."  If you need to write a make-up get permission and please notify me as well by email.

Feb. 11/14

Turnitin - The Turnitin student enrollment information is in the table below

Jan. 1/14

Welcome - The class appears to be full at 50 students. The first class will provide overview to help you determine if the class indeed fits your needs. No Tutorial in week 1 - they will start in week 2.  See the schedule below. Owl Sakai - Owl will be used to post grades and readings. For news come here (the course syllabus page).  That is,  I will use this news section (the one you are looking at now, right here) to post important information. So come back to this page often.


Contact Information

Instructor/TA Room Email Office Hour
Jamie Baxter SSC 1407 jamie.baxter@uwo.ca Tues 15:30 - 16:30 or by appointment (email me)



Lectures - Wednesday 13:30 - 15:30 TH 3102

Lab/Tutorial 1 - Thursday  10:30 - 11:30 P&AB 117

Lab/Tutorial 2 - Thursday 12:30 - 13:30 P&AB 36