michael buzzelli


professor of geography, western university


michael    dot     buzzelli    at    uwo    dot    ca

office phone (519) 661-2111 x 85329




current projects


·       policy on teaching and learning in higher education 

·       the canadian environmental health atlas

·       communities around renewable energy projects 


selected past projects


·       member, statistics canada’s expert panel on environment and health statistics

·       air pollution exposure and health, border air quality study, health canada and bc cdc

·       vancouver project, ubc-hampton and vancouver foundation funded project on urban environmental equity

·       immigrant health, riim funded project on immigrant (re)settlement and health

·       international workshop, ubc-pwias and w.h.o. funded expert international workshop



selected publications



Songsore, E & M Buzzelli (2014). Social responses to wind energy development in Ontario: The influence of health risk perceptions and associated concerns. ENERGY POLICY 69, 285–296.


Oiamo, T. H., Luginaah, I. N., Buzzelli, M., Tang, K., Xu, X., Brook, J. And Johnson, M. (2012) Assessing the Spatial Distribution of Nitrogen Dioxide in London, Ontario. JOURNAL OF THE AIR AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 62, 11, 1335-1345.


Luginaah, I., Buzzelli, M., Tang, K. and Oiamo, T. (2011) Developing a Walkability Index based on the Spatial Distribution of Nitrogen Dioxide in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa: Health Canada.


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Buzzelli, M. (2008) The political ecology of scale in urban air pollution monitoring. TRANSACTIONS OF THE INSTITUTE OF BRITISH GEOGRAPHERS 33, 502-17.


Buzzelli, M and M Jerrett (2007) Geographies of Susceptibility and Exposure in the City: Environmental Inequity of Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Toronto. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE 30, 2, 195-210.