Isaac LuginaahWestern Social Science



Undergraduate Courses

Geography 3431B: Geography of Health & Health Care

A critical examination of the major themes in the geography of health and health care. The focus will be on the importance of understanding place, space and environment as they relate to health. Geographical aspects of health inequalities, access and utilization will be explored.
Prerequisite(s): Geography 2430A/B or a related 2000-level course in Health Sciences, Sociology or Psychology, or permission of the instructor.
3 Lecture Hours, 0.5 course

Graduate Courses

Geography 9107: Environment and Health

The conceptual frameworks for environmental health research and policy analysis. Appraisal of methods of deriving and substantiating evidence in environment and health research. Approaches to environmental health policy formulation and the uses of evidence in the environmental health policy arena.

Geography 9300: Advanced Studies in Environment Development and Health

A generic course to cover advanced studies topics not covered in the other EDH specialty courses and offered as needed.


Undergraduate Courses

Geography 2430A/B: Public Health and Environment

This course introduces students to current issues in public health and the environment. Theory, method and case study discussions focus on the important role of geography in understanding and explaining patterns of diseases, health and health care in communities, regions and nations.
Prerequisite(s): 1.0 course from Geography 1100, 1300A/B, 1400F/G, 1500F/G, 2131A/B, 2153A/B (taken after September 2012), or the former Geography 020E; Health Sciences 1001A/B and Health Sciences 1002A/B; or the former Health Sciences 1000; Sociology 1020, 1021E or enrollment in the Major in Ecosystem Health or in any of the Global Development Studies modules, or permission of the instructor.
2 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour, 0.5 course

Geography 2030A/B: Africa South of the Sahara

This course provides an introduction to the geography of Africa south of the Sahara. The course will take a systematic approach. Economic, political, social and environmental issues will be examined with a focus on contemporary patterns of change within the context of the global economy.
Pre-or Corequisite: None
2 hours, 0.5 course