Health and Safety - Overview


The Occupational Health and Safety Act is the primary legislation governing workplace health and safety in Ontario. The Act is designed to protect workers against health and safety hazards. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of all parties in the workplace; it establishes procedures to deal with workplace hazards; and it provides enforcement of the law when compliance has not been achieved voluntarily.

The Department of Geography strives to meet all health and safety requirements. The following provides summary information regarding health and safety within the Department of Geography at Western. Please contact the Department's Laboratory Technician and Coordinator for more information on health and safety within the Department of Geography.

Emergency Information

Campus Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Police/Fire/Ambulance from campus phone: 911
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance from cell phone: 519-661-3300 (Directs through University Police Dispatch)
  • Physical Plant Service Centre: 519-661-3304 or extension 83304

Location of Emergency Equipment

  • First Aid Kit: Room 2411 (Warntz Lounge)
  • First Aid Representative:  Erika Hill  is certified
  • Fire Alarm: At building exits and stairwells and room 1051 (Map and Data Centre)
  • Fire Extinguisher: Inside rooms 1051, 1310, 1311, 1316, 1316A and Outside rooms 1051, 1302, 1310, 1316, 1322, 1418, 2322, 2422
  • Nearest Exit: Make sure you know your nearest exit, in case of fire DO NOT use the elevator!
  • Chemical Spill Kit: Outside rooms 1302 (Cartography) and 3318
  • Eye Wash Station: Inside rooms 1302A, 1310, 1316 and 3254B
  • Safety Deluge Shower: Inside rooms 1302A, 1310 and 1316
Social Science Centre - Level 1 Social Science Centre - Level 2

Accident Reporting

All accidents, incidents and close calls, which in another set of circumstances would result in personal injury, must be reported on an official Accident Incident Report Form in accordance with the Accident Incident Investigation Procedure.

Critical injuries must be immediately reported to Occupational Health and Safety.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

Fire Prevention and Emergency Preparedness staff have created a dynamic Disaster Response Plan which is to be used to guide an emergency response of any magnitude.