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Guidelines for the Faculty of Social Science Planning for 2012-13 to 2014-15: Year 2 of Four-Year Planning Process (dated September 23, 2011)

These guidelines are provided in support of the second year of our 4-year planning process. Their central objective is to aid in the development of brief reports from the Faculties on the evolution and implementation of the Faculty Academic Plans and four-year budget plans developed last year. [FULL DOCUMENT]


Proposed Geography Space Redevelopment

Presented at February 2011 Council

OPTION 1: [LEVEL 1] [LEVEL 2] [SSC 1050]

OPTION 2: [LEVEL 1] [LEVEL 2] [SSC 1050]

If you have ideas and would like to sketch them out, please follow the links [LEVEL 1] [LEVEL 2] [SSC 1050]