Fall/Winter 2014/2015 List of Courses

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1000 Level Courses

Number Title
1100 Fundamentals of Geography
1300B Physical Geography
1400G How Humans Interact with the World - new title!
1500F Environment and Development Challenges - new title!

2000 Level Courses

Number Title
2010A Geography of Canada Section 001 and 002
2010B Geography of Canada Section 001, and 002
2011A Ontario and the Great Lakes
2011B Ontario and the Great Lakes
2030A Africa South of the Sahara
2030B Africa South of the Sahara
2040A Geography of East and Southeast Asia
2041G Geography of China
2050B Western Europe
2060A World Cities
2060B World Cities
2071G World Rivers
2090A Space Exploration
2122A Spatial Techniques
2131A The Natural Environment
2131B The Natural Environment
2133B Climate Change
2142B Geopolitics
2143B Foundations of the Geography of World Business
2144A Geography of Tourism
2144B Geography of Tourism
2152F Geography of Hazards
2152G Geography of Hazards
2153A Environment, Economy and Society
2162B Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
2210B Introduction to Spatial Analysis
2220A Geographic Information Science 1
2220B Geographic Information Science 1
2230B Remote Sensing
2240A Introductory Cartography
2240B Introductory Cartography
2310A Weather and Climate
2320A Introductory Biogeography
2330A Geomorphology and Hydrology
2410B Social Geography
2411G Indigenous Environments
2420A Economic Geography
2430A Publlic Health and Environment
2450F Introduction to Resource and Environmental Management
2460G Urban Development

3000 Level Courses

Number Title
3000Y Field Methods and Practices - Montreal
3000Y Field Methods and Practices - Ontario canceled
3000Y Field Methods and Practices - Kentucky*
3001F Community-Based Methods and Practices
3210A Quantitative Analysis in Geography
3211A Spatial Statistics
3222B Geographic Information Science 2
3223A Decision Making with GIS
3231B Advanced Remote Sensing
3241B Advanced Cartography
3250A Social Science Research Methods in Geography
3260A Environmental Modelling
3311A Micrometeorology
3333B Drainage Basin Geomorphology
3334A Geomorphology of River Channels
3343A River Ecosystems
3350A Environmental Change
3352B Paleolimnology & Global Environmental Change
3416F Urban Culture of Public Spaces
3422B Geography of International Business
3431B Geography of Health and Health Care
3441G Conservation and Development
3442F Geographies of Development
3445G Global Agricuture and Food Systems
3461F Land Use and Development Issues
3462F Land Use Planning
3463G Housing
3464F Financial Feasibility of Urban Developments
3465F Urban Economic Development and Policy
3466F Transportation and the City

4000 Level Courses

Number Title
4000B The Nature and Philosophy of Geography
4100A Geography and Change
4460G Real Estate and the Cities
4900E & 4901E Thesis*