The Department of Geography in partnership with the Map and Data Centre, invites you to this annual celebration. GIS Day is held worldwide during Geography Awareness Week each year in mid-November. GIS Day serves to increase awareness of Geographic Information Systems and the importance they play in our lives.

At Western, the event will showcase how GIS technology is applied in academic research, business applications, government management and much more. Students will have a chance to share their experiences with GIS technology through poster presentations and local industry and government representatives will be invtied to speak on GIS applications in their organizations. 

Come and discover the world of Geographic Information Science (GIS), and the impact that geospatial thinking has in our daily lives. 

GIS Day Schedule of Events - November 16, 2018



GIS Application Presentations
10:00am Welcome from Department of Geography Chair - Dr. James Voogt
10:15am Introduction to Western Esri Canada GIS Centre of Excellent Program (ECCE)
10:30am Western ECCE Student of the Year Award Winner
10:35am Western ECCE Student App Challenge Presentation and Demo - Aiden Poole and Jody Yu
10:50am Flood Mapping in Montreal - Gabrielle Bruser
11:00am GIS Applications to Environmental Health - Alexander Wray
11:15am Interactive GIS Data Visual Using Tableau Health - Malcolm Little
11:30am Case Studies in Remote Sensing Research and Applications - Dr. Jinfei Wang
11:45am Visualizing the Research Contexst through Census Data and Network Analysis - Angela Piaskoski
12-1pm Pizza Lunch and Networking 
GIS Tutorial and Workshops
1:00pm Telling Stories with Maps - Liz Sutherland
1:45pm Survey 123 for ArcGIS - Kathy Tang
2:30-4pm Introduction to ArcGIS Pro with Hands on Exercise - Kathy Tang

*All events will be held in SSC 1059*

More Information

If you would like to participate in this event or would like more information, please contact Kathy Tang, GIS Analyst, at 

 *We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by the Social Science Student Council Student Donation Fund*