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Research Design and Presentation

Research design is a practical course leading towards the production of a provisional thesis proposal and a public presentation of the proposal. The logical structure of proposals and the substance of the arguments are reviewed and rehearsed across a broad spectrum of research design strategies.  We will link design and method with the philosophies discussed in term one.


News and Announcements

Mar. 26/12 A+ proposal

I added a section to the Evaluation (Assignments) page concerning thoughts on an A+ research proposal. 

Mar. 19/12 Reading posted

I added Kearns 2003 for today...relatively short..."food for thought". 

Mar. 9/12 Presentation Schedule posted

Follow the presentation link to the left. 

Mar. 1/12 Deadline extended for draft literature review

I sense some of you could use some extra time. Please send your document to me by Monday 9am at the latest - to give us time to review and prepare comments. 

Feb. 17/12 Write a draft literature review

Like our last meeting, for our next meeting you will submit a document and we will conduct a peer review.  Follow the link in the Meetings/Lecture Schedule area for informaiton about what is expected prior to next day's class. 

Feb. 7/12 Write a one-pager by next Monday 9am

Follow the link in the Meetings/Lecture Schedule area for next day's class.  There is a ppt file with a description of a process that will have you submit a statement of your problem and research questions and allow your classmates to critically assess what you write prior to class.

Feb. 6/12 Annotated proposals

Ch 4 in Krathwohl and Smith makes repeated reference to Chs 11 and 12, so I have uploaded these two chapters to Owl for continuity's sake.

Feb. 1/12 Readings posted

The readings for next week are now posted on Owl

Jan. 24/12 Class Survey Results

The survey results are posted on Owl in the readings section of course content.  Thanks everyone for uploading your multidisciplinary proposals, we will discuss those today.

Jan. 20/12 Readings for next week

I just made changes to the readings for next week - added Latour - lots to read!  See the schedule, and find the readings on Owl.

Jan. 9/12 First Class

Please be prepared to discuss your proposed research in our first session.  We will go over this syllabus and have a discussion about each student's research.

Dec. 16/11 Welcome!

I am looking forward to working with all of the new Masters students in the 2012 winter term.  This is my first time teaching the course, so this webpage is new!  Things will get added and edited leading up to the intro lecture and beyond.
First class - is Jan 10, see below.

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Lecture: Tuesdays 10:30 - 12:30, SSC 5220