Jamie BaxterWestern Social Science

Qualitative Methods in Social Geography


This course introduces students to epistemological issues that distinguish qualitative methodologies and provides an overview of key qualitative research methods, tensions and debates in the social sciences. We will consider ethical issues, data analysis and the meaning of qualitative "rigour".  This is a survey course, in the senese that we spend only one week on any given topic, leaving students to independently explore issues of interest to them personally, through the final paper.

News and Announcements

Dec 6/17 - Enrolment and First Class

This class will be capped at about 10 students.

Due to an arrangement between Geography and Sociology - students from those departments are allowed to sign up first (until about mid Dec.) then the course opens up further to those from other departments.  If you are a Geographer or Sociologist, please sign up as soon as possible so I know the course enrolment.  If you are interested in the course and are outside of these two departments contact me and ask me to put you on the waiting list.  Check the news section for updates on this topic.

First Class - is Jan 8, 2018 and is mainly organizational. BUT be prepared to sign up for your presentation topic in this session.

Contact Information

Instructor Room Email
Jamie Baxter SSC 1407 jamie.baxter@uwo.ca


Lecture: Mondays 1:00-4:00, SSC 2322E (the "Pleva Room" next to main Geography office)