Jamie BaxterWestern Social Science

Advanced Studies in Environment Development and Health


The Advance Studies courses are for grad students to explore their sub-discipline more thoroughly than is possible in any of our "General" courses.  This is commonly called a "readings course", is typically conducted one-on-one, and for the purposes of a meaningful transcript, a sub-title is applied based on the sub-discipline or topic.  Thus, examples of sub-titles are as follows (follow the links to the syllabus for each course):


Each week the student(s) and I will decide on 2-3 relevant readings.  We will meet in my office or a small meeting room to discuss the readings.  I expect the student(s) to lead the discussion by providing a critical appraisal of what they read which includes connecting each new reading with readings that we have already covered in the course.  This may be considered a first step towards writing a literature review for the course topic/sub-discipline.

Contact Information

Instructor/TA Room Email
Jamie Baxter SSC 1407 jamie.baxter@uwo.ca


There is some flexibility to evaluation, but the following is recommended.
Paper 1 40%
Paper 2: 40%
Participation 20%