PhD in Geography (Environment and Sustainability)

The PhD in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) is an interdisciplinary degree offered within Geography in collaboration with the Environment and Sustainability Program. The PhD is a research degree in which the PhD thesis, contributing original knowledge to the field of research, is the primary focus. The thesis research should be in an area relevant to Environment and Sustainability. The degree consists of all mandatory program components in Geography along with the mandatory program components required by Environment and Sustainability. For more information, please see Program Components in the Graduate Student Handbook.

The Environment and Sustainability program adds to the Geography curriculum and provides Geography students the opportunity to interact with students from diverse disciplines to explore interdisciplinary, environmental issues. The program blends seminars, panel discussions and field trips to improve research skills, communication and teaching.


PhD students are supervised through a Thesis Supervision Committee of three, consisting of the Supervisor and two other faculty members knowledgeable in the area of research. The Supervisor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the student's academic program, especially the thesis research and thesis preparation. The advisory committee provides a formal support system, but students are encouraged to draw widely on faculty for informal assistance in their research. The Environment and Sustainability program requires that the student have at least one meeting/year with an Environmental and Sustainability program advisor, who is in addition to the Geography Advisory Committee. This can be done during the diagnostic or independent of the diagnostic meeting. For details see

Funding for Masters and PhD students

Geography students enrolled in Environment and Sustainability receive no change in funding from Geography once they identify the addition of the Environment and Sustainability component to their degree.  However, they are eligible for funding that is specific to Environment and Sustainability.

Please see the Future Students section of our website for the application process for MA, MSc and PhD's in Geography and admission requirements, as well as the Graduate Student Handbook for detailed regulations and procedures.


Please contact Holly Sanders, the Program Administrator in the Environment and Sustainability program, with any questions regarding the collaborative program.
Phone: 519-850-2570

Important Note: Program requirements, course offerings and funding can change due to unforeseen circumstances