Godwin Arku

Associate Professor


Contact Information

Office: Room 2427, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85343
Fax: 519 661-1233
E-mail: garku@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Housing and economic development; Urban development and policy analysis; Regional and local economic development policy and planning;  Third World development issues (esp. Africa)

Research Interests

My research spans 'urban' and 'economic' sub-division of human geography, especially as they relate to the transformation of urban systems in a changing global environment. I am also interested in issues of third world development. Specific areas of present research interests are:

  1. Housing and economic development
  2. Urban development and policy analysis
  3. Regional and local economic development policy and planning
  4. Third World development issues (esp. Africa)

Publications & Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Chatwin, M., & Arku, G. (2019) Defining subnational open government: Does local context influence policy and practice? Policy Sciences. doi.org/10.1007/s11077-018-09347-7.

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Cleave, E., Arku, G. & Chatwin, M. (2019) Are they Surgeons or Plumbers? Assessing the Role of Private Sector Consultants in Place Branding and Other Place-Based Economic Development Strategies. Public Organization Review. DOI: 1007/s11115-017-0396-0.

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Chapters in Books

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Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
E. Annan-Aggrey Current Overview of the development partner landscape in Ghana in relation to the SDGs
R. Antabe
Current HIV Vulnerability and Resilience among Heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) men in London, Ontario, Canada
M. Chatwin Current Context Matters: Examining the systems characteristics that limit or facilitate inclusive civic participation in local government
E. Kyeremeh Current Immigrant Personal Networks and the Integration Process in Canada: A Case Study of Ghanaian Immigrants in the GTA
I. Yusuf Current Gentrifried: A post-colonial analysis of the gentrification of Ottawa's "Heron-Gate"
E. Cleave 2018 Does It Work? Examining the Effectiveness of Place Branding in Local Economic Development     
L. Hussey 2018 Examining Climate Change-Health Nexus in Ghana
S. McFarlane-Morris
2017 Development in Whose Interest? Understanding the Promises and Realities of Mass Tourism as the Key Development Strategy along the North Coast of Jamaica: A Comparative Analysis of the Towns of Falmouth and Lucea
L. Osei
2017 Poverty, Unemployment and Youth Empowerment in African Mining Communities: The Case of Ghana
V. Kuuire
2015 Understanding Immigrant Housing Integration in Canada - The Role of Transnational Engagements
R. Sadler
2013 Evaluating the Food System and Effective Interventions for Health and the Economy
MA Students Year Title
D. Spilsbury Current Hedging Your Bet: Single industry towns' response to economic change in Canada
M. Vecchio Current Treasure amongst the ruins: Urban industrial plant redevelopment - The Policy and Industrial Practices of Ontario
J. Kennedy 2015 Service providers and tenants perceptions of the Housing First Model in Southern Ontario
E. Cleave 2014 Economic development in the contemporary global environment: The role of place branding as a tool of local economic development in Ontario, Canada
M. Taabazuing 2012 Economic development in a knowledge-based economy: Perceptions of directors and consultants in Ontario
M. Zaami
2012 Experiences of Socio-Apatial Exclusion among Ghanaian Immigrant Youth in Toronto: Case Study of Jane-Finch Neighbourhood
V. Kuuire
2011 Food Security Situation of Migrant Farmers in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana
R. Sadler
2010 Upgrade from Masters Program to PhD Program
M. Hayek 2009 Brownfield redevelopment in London, Ontario: Developing a methodology for creating a Brownfield database and an examination of policy initiatives aimed at promoting redevelopment
C. Oosterbaan 2009 Economic reforms and changing urban landscape of Accra and Kumasi: The conversion of residential units into commercial and office spaces
MSc Students Year Title
C. DuBreck
2017 Investigating the Geographic Variation in Children's Menu Items in Four North American Cities
T. Thayer
2016 Built Environment and Travel Behaviour


GEO 2420A - Economic Geography
GEO 2460G - Urban Development
GEO 3465F - Urban Economic Development
GEO 9117 - Urban Geography of the Developing World