Milford Green



Contact Information

Office: Room 2415, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85025
Fax: 519 661-3750

Research Areas

Foreign direct investment mergers

Research Interests

My research interests fall into a number if different areas:

  • Corporate geography - at the moment I am working on US institutional investment patterns. In addition, I am working on the structure of interlocking directorates in North America for the first decades of the 20th Century. Other long standing interests are mergers, acquisitions, foreign direct investment and venture capital.
  • Energy - I occasionally get involved in oil, gas and electrical distribution systems simulations for the former Soviet Union. I am also working on energy price modeling.

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Publications & Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Refereed Journals

M.D. Rice, S. Tierney, S.B. O’Hagan, D. Lyons and M.B. Green, 2012, Knowledge, influence and firm-level change: A geographical analysis of board membership associated with Canada’s growing and declining businesses, Geoforum, Vol. 43, 959-968

S.B. O’Hagan, and M.B. Green, 2011, Atlantic Canadian Corporate Directors and their Educational Affiliations: A Spatial Analysis, The Northeastern Geographer, Vol. 3, pp. 60-75

S.B. O’Hagan, M.D. Rice and M.B. Green, 2008,  North American Corporate Directors and Educational Affiliations: A Geographical Analysis, Geography Research Forum, Vol. 28, pp 59-81

Supervised Graduate Students and Thesis Titles

Ph.D. Students Year Title
M. Lefebvre Current Geography of institutional investment in Canada and around the world from 2000-2015
G. Morin Current The analysis of the Canadian entertainment software industry
C. Andreae 2006 The development of port infrastructure at Quebec City, 1860-1930.
A. Peters 2004 Deregulation, regional economies and the spatial restructuring of the US commercial banking industry
S. O'Hagan 2002 Tacit knowledge transfer via interlocking directorates: A geographical approach
A. Jones 1999 The production and consumption of intensified and converted dwelling units in the older London, neighbourhood
B. Cecil 1999 Municipal bond ratings: A pre-investment financial market perspective
V. Aliberti 1998 Canadian domestic and international merger and acquisitions, A spatial imperfections dimension
J. Neblett 1998 Indigenous entrepreneurship in the accommodation sector: A case study of Barbados
T. Qu 1996 Location of foreign direct investment in P.R. China, 1979-1993: An application of a new location framework
S. Meyer 1994 Canada's multinationals: A study in outward foreign direct investment
R. McNaughton 1989 An economic geography of Canadian venture capital investment
MA Students Year Title
M. Lefebvre 2014 A Spatial Exploration of Institutional Investment in Canada for the Year 2010
B. Cecil 1995 Spatial patterns of strategic alliances among information technology firms in the US: 1990-1993
P. Campbell 1995 Spatial patterns of institutional stock ownership in the United States from 1980 to 1990
D. Dahm 1994 A geography of international banking 1976-1986
N. Lisle 1989 Corporate restructuring in Canada
J. Yanush 1986 Spatial manifestations of Canadian merger activity: 1965-1984
R. McNaughton 1986 Patterns of US venture capital investment
K. Chislett 1985 Housing Metis in northern Saskatchewan: An examination of the Northern Housing Program
D. Martz 1983 Awareness and management of groundwater quality on Saskatchewan farms


GEO 2143 - Foundations of the Geography of World Business
GEO 2420 - Economic Geography
GEO 3210 - Quantitative Analysis in Geography
GEO 3422 - The Geography of International Business
GEO 9113 - Quantitative Methods