Jeff Hopkins

Associate Professor
Graduate Chair

Jeff Hopkins

Contact Information

Office: Room 2423, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85027
Fax: 519 661-3750

Research Areas

Cultural geography, gender, public places

Research Interests

I am interested in the many cultural conflicts that arise between people over the use, design, control, representation and identity of places. My study of both the material (physical) and immaterial (social, symbolic) aspects of Western Landscapes focuses on four inter-related themes:

  1. Public Places - indoor/underground cities, public libraries, shopping malls, tourist sites;
  2. Symbolic Landscapes - advertisements, film;
  3. Cultural Studies - consumption, cultural politics, postmodernism, semiotics, space;
  4. Gender - masculinities.


Publications & Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Papers in Refereed Journals

Hopkins, J. and Leckie G. (2002). The Public Place of Central Libraries: Findings from Toronto and Vancouver. Library Quarterly, 72 (3), 326-374.

Hopkins, J. (2000). Signs of masculinism in an ‘uneasy’ place: advertising for ‘Big Brothers’. Gender, Place and Culture, 7 (1), 31-55.

Hopkins, J. (1998). Signs of the post-rural: marketing myths of a symbolic countryside. Geografiska Annaler, 80B, 65-81.

Hopkins, J. (1994). Orchestrating an indoor city: ambient noise inside a mega-mall. Environment and Behavior, 26, 758-812.

Hopkins, J. (1993). A balancing act? Trespass amendments for public/private places. Urban Geography, 14, 114-118.

Hopkins, J. (1991). West Edmonton Mall as a centre for social interaction. The Canadian Geographer, 35 (3), 268-279.

Hopkins, J. (1990). West Edmonton Mall: landscape of myths and elsewhereness. The Canadian Geographer, 34 (1), 2-17.

Chapters in Books

Fellman, J.D., Getis, A., Getis, J., Shrubsole, D. and Hopkins, J. (2010). Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, (Canadian Edition).  McGraw-Hill:Whitby.

Hopkins, J. (1998). Urban intrusions: commodifying the countryside. In R. Butler, C.M. Hall, and J. Jenkins (Eds.), Tourism and Recreation in Rural Areas, (pp.139-156). Sussex: John Wiley & Sons. 

Hopkins, J. (1996). Excavating Toronto’s underground streets: in search of equitable rights, rules and revenues. In J. Caulfield and L. Peake (Eds.), City Lives & City Forms: Critical Research and Canadian Urbanism, (pp. 63-81). Toronto: University of Toronto. 

Hopkins, J. (1994). A mapping of cinematic places: icons, ideology and the power of (mis)representation. In S.C. Aitken and L. Zonn (Eds.), Power, Place, Situation and Spectacle: A Geography of Film, (pp. 47-68). Savage: Rowman and Littlefield. 

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
W. Kinghorn 2018 The place making processes underlying the creation, perpetuation and management of Heritage Conservation Districts
Y. Li 2000 A phenomenological study of tourists' travel experiences
MA Students Year Title
B. Davey Current Un/Bound breasts: A geographical account of embodiment
S. Mchenry 2018 The Changing Spaces of Racialized Contestation in Brampton, Ontario; A Multimedia analysis
J. Campbell
2017 Exploring Factors Influencing Children's use of a Free Recreation Access Pass: Does Geography Matter?
M. Milczarek 2012 Emotional Geographies of Home: Place Identities Among Senior Women Residing in a Long-Term Care Facility
V. Munro 2005 Spaces of female friendships
G. Howard 2005 Seasonal variation in residents' lived geographies in a tourist town: Stratford, Ontario
M. Feehely 2003 Investigating heteropatriarchy in the landscape: A hidden beach at Grand Bend, Ontario


GEO 1400 - Introduction to the Human Environment 
GEO 3416 - Urban Culture
GEO 9518 - Advanced Cultural Geography 
GEO 9998 - Debates in Geographic Thought