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Adjunct Professor


Contact Information

Office: Room 1416, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 81469
Fax: 519 661-3750
E-mail: pazner@uwo.ca

Research Areas

GIS, image processing, cartography

Scheduled to retire in 2016, and is no longer taking Graduate students

Research Interests

Currently I am working on the following rather different research projects.

  • The development of geospatial search methods. With a strong emphasis on remote sensing, GIS, and photographic imaging and interpretation; artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive science concepts; and on field techniques. The field sites are in California, and the application area is searching for gold
  • Georeconnaissance. In particular as it relates to applied geographic imaging and mapping. I define georeconnaissance as: "To access and try to learn locations, features and conditions in a geographic district". With both local and international relevance. A methodological framework has been developed primarily for World Bank (IMF) projects over the past decade and a half.
  • The use of flight simulators for virtual aerial georeconnaissance in research, teaching and applied/operational contexts.

Finally, I have an interest in the future development of geographic unmanned aerial vehicle (G-UAV) applications.

Publications and Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Refereed Journals

Gala, T.S., Pazner, M. and Beyene, S. 2011 'Evaluating Biophysical Attributes of Environmentally Degraded Landscapes in Northern Ethiopia using LANDSAT ETM data and GIS' Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management Research 4(1): 1-16

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
P. Bush 2006 Habitat use of Northern Goshawks in Great Lakes St. Lawrence forest of central Ontario
X. Zhang 2005 Gold-related lithologic and mineral mapping from hyperion and aster data in the South Chocolate mountains, California
MA Students Year Title
H. Wan 2004 Integration of GIS and ANN for spatial feature clustering
N. Ripley 2001 Bridging geospatial information and flight simulation technologies
K. McMaster 2000 The effects of D.E.M. resolution on derived hydrologic network accuracy
R. Gammon 1995 The development of hyperviewkit: A hypercard pictorial navigation application
MSc Students Year Title
N. Khalid 2017 Using Remote Sensing and GIS to better understand a Copper Porphyry Deposit (Peru)
B. Shan 2014 Multivariate Data Geovisualization in Knowledge Discovery
S. Kulon 2011 GISc gold search techniques: Mojave Desert, CA


GEO 2122 - Spatial Techniques
GEO 3000 - Field Methods and Practices
GEO 3222 - Geographic Information Science II