Tony Weis

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Tony Weis

Contact Information

Office: Room 1403, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 87472

Research Areas

Globalization & agriculture, political ecology, land reform & social movements, environmental conservation in inequitable landscapes

Research Interests

My interests are broadly located in the field of political ecology, with a focus on agriculture and rural development. Much of my empirical research was initially grounded in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, where I worked with small farmers and focused on issues surrounding land reform, co-operatives, and neoliberal policy restructuring. Attention to the wider political economic context of small farmer’s struggles led me on a path towards my first book, The Global Food Economy: The Battle for the Future of Farming (2007), which analyzes how the global system of agricultural production and trade evolved and has been institutionally entrenched, with a focus on its extreme social imbalances and ecological instabilities. More recently, I have focused on the problems associated with one of the most powerful dimensions of world agriculture, the industrial grain-oilseed-livestock complex, culminating in my second book, The Ecological Hoofprint: The Global Burden of Industrial Livestock (2013).

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GEO 2156 – Animal Geographies

GEO 3445 – Global Agriculture and Food Systems

GEO 9106 – Development Geography

GEO 9330 – Agriculture and Rural Development

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students

  • R. Ellis (Current) Pollinator People: Bees, weeds, and struggles for bee-friendly cities
  • H. Peacock (joint-supervised) (Current) A global GIS analysis of primate diversity and biogeography: Assessing trends in habitat loss and extinction risk to information primate conservation biology
  • S. Vercillo (joint-supervised) (2018) The Differentiation of Smaller Farming and Household Food Responsibilities in Northern Ghana
  • S. McFarlane-Morris (joint-supervised) (2017) A Political Ecology of Mass Tourism Development on the Jamaican North Coast
  • B. Vogel (joint-supervised) (2016) The Case of Multi-Level Governance and Municipal Adaption
  • M. Steckley (2015) Agrarian Change and Peasant Prospects in Haiti
  • K. Ross (2014) Divergent Responses to Tropical Commodity Dependence after the demise of EU-ACP Preferential Trade

Masters Students

  • S. Phillips (Current) Can community gardens improve food banks? Lessons from Southwestern Ontario
  • L. Peach (joint supervised) (2018) You can't just take a piece of land from the university and build a garden on it: A case study of the Indigenous food and medicine garden at Western University
  • E. Galley (2011) Remaking a Forestry Town: The Multifaceted Challenges of Transition in Port Alberni, BC
  • A. Al-khoury (2010) The Struggle to Get Back to the Land: New Farmers and Agriculture in Ontario
  • C. Hickey (2010) Adapting to Climate Change in Guyana: Necessities, Options and Constraints
  • A. Park (2010) The Iwokrama Challenge: Balancing Conservation and Development in Guyana
  • L. Riley (co-supervised) (2008) Children's Geography and the Everyday Lives of Orphans in Malawi


Refereed Journals

Weis, T. (2018) Ghosts and Things: Agriculture and the Trajectory of Animal Life. Global Environmental Politics. 18(2), 134-42.

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Chapters in Books

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Authored Books

Weis, T. 2013 The Ecological Hoofprint: The Global Burden of Industrial Livestock (London and New York: Zed Books).