Adam Yates

Associate Professor


Contact Information

Office: Room 2403, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, 85008
Fax: 519 661-1233

Research Areas

Aquatic Ecosystems in Populated Landscapes; Development and Application of Ecological Assessment Methods for Aquatic Ecosystems; Watershed Description and Analysis

Graduate Opportunities

PhD Position: Assessment of potential and realized benefits of agricultural best management practices

PhD Position: Assessment of nutrient loading from groundwater on algal communities in small, agricultural streams

MSc Positions: Stream ecosystem function response to municipal wastewater effluent

Research Interests

Human modification of the landscape is a global threat to the physical, chemical and ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems. Our ability to protect these important ecosystems through policy is hindered by a limited understanding of the effects of human activities on aquatic ecosystem condition. My research programme addresses this problem by generating critical scientific knowledge with regards to relationships between human activities and ecological condition of aquatic ecosystems with the purpose of developing knowledge and decision support tools that can be used to inform environmental planning, protection and restoration policies and practices. I meet this overarching goal through three complementary and interactive avenues of research grounded within the field of water science:

  1. Description of natural and anthropogenic characteristics of aquatic landscapes;
  2. Development of techniques for assessment of aquatic ecosystems;
  3. Assessment of the effects of human modification of the environment on aquatic ecosystems.

1. Description of natural and anthropogenic characteristics of aquatic landscapes
Driven by interest in understanding how and why human activities vary across landscapes my lab uses GIS as well as spatial and quantitative analyses to develop techniques for describing variation in landscape structure. These data provide the basis for generating and testing hypotheses regarding the development of assessment techniques and the effects of human activities on the condition of aquatic ecosystems

2. Development of techniques for environmental assessment of aquatic ecosystems
My lab is interested in developing indicators and assessment systems that can be used to generate accurate and informed reports on the condition of aquatic ecosystems exposed to human activities. Interests include testing measures of ecosystem structure (e.g., aquatic invertebrate and fish assemblages) and ecosystem function (e.g., ecosystem metabolism) through extensive field research studies. In addition to indicator development my lab has a strong research interest in the reference condition approach and its development as a technique for biological assessments including how to define reference condition, especially in populated environments, and exploring natural variability in reference conditions.

3. Effects of human modification of the environment on aquatic ecosystems
My lab’s research programme generates critical understanding of the effects of human modification and management of landscapes on aquatic ecosystems using the assessment techniques my lab develops. In particular, my lab is interested in the effects of agriculture and agricultural management practices on aquatic ecosystems with the goal of drawing correlative and mechanistic linkages between human activities and ecosystem condition that can be used to generate models for improved environmental management.

Graduate students in my lab can expect to have an interdisciplinary experience grounded in physical geography, biology and geographic information sciences with opportunities to incorporate social science components. During the course of their program students in my lab will develop and strengthen a wide variety of highly transferable skills in aquatic systems field research, GIS and statistical analysis.

Publications & Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

Refereed Journals

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Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
L. Banks Current Assessing nutrient loading from groundwater on algal communities in agricultural streams
K. Painter Current Quantifying nutrient mitigation potential of prairie streams in the Lake Winnipeg Basin
N. Pearce Current Ecological effects of nutrient pulses in Great Lakes Tributaries
E. Krynak
2018 Patterns and Drivers of Stream Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Taxonomy and Function in Agroecosystems
MSc Students Year Title
C. Billhorn Current Amount and sources of population variability in the metabolome of the northern crayfish, Faxomius virilis: application for biomonitoring
R. Poisson Current The effects of human activities and landscapte alternation on aquatic ecosystems
C. Lucas 2019 Integrated Catchments Management: Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Geomorphology and Hydrology
S. McKenzie 2018 Metabolomics for Biomonitoring: Evaluation, Recommendation, and Test of Efficacy
J. Webb 2018 Hierarchical Variation in Cellulose Decomposition Across Southern Ontario Reference Streams
J. Grimstead 2017 Utilizing aquatic benthis macroinvertebrates to assess human impact on stream ecology
C. Irwin 2017 Stream Metabolism
C. Chesworth 2016 Lagoon Wastewater Effluent Impacts Stream Metabolism in Red River Tributaries
N. Izral 2016 Investigating the Suitability of the Crayfish Metabolome as an Indicator of Stream Conditions
R. Holmes 2014 Determining the Association between the Structure of Stream Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities and Agricultural Best Management Practices 
R. Lazor 2014 Land use interactions drive Southwestern Ontario stream nutrient concentrations