Danny Bednar

PhD Student

Hometown: Dufresne, Manitoba


Contact Information

Office: Room 2410, SSC
E-mail: dbednar@uwo.ca

Research Supervisor (s):

Dr. Gordon McBean

Dr. Dan Shrubsole


BA - 2010 - University of Winnipeg - Political Science and Environmental Studies
MA - 2012 - University of Western Ontario – Geography and Environment & Sustainability (Supervisor: Dr. Dan Shrubsole)


Courses Taught

GEO 2090A - Space Exploration

Courses TAed

GEO 2142B - Geopolitics
GEO 2090A - Space Exploration
GEO 2133B - Climate Change

Research Interests

Environmental Governance
Climate Adaptation Policy
Geography of News Media
Critical Geopolitics
Qualitative Methods

Current Research

Coordination and Policy Development in Climate Adaption: Exploring and Comparing Efforts in Manitoba and Ontario

Past and Ongoing Research

The Geography of Climate Change Coverage in Canadian News Media
Geography, News Media and Water Governance: A Case Study of the Devils Lake Outlet
Canada’s Rhetorical Approach to Arctic Sovereignty in the 21st Century
Bounded Morality: The Geography of Harm in Western News Media
Environmental Coflicts between the Rural and Urban in Canada

Teaching Interests

Environmental Governance
Climate Policy
Critical Geopolitics
Space Exploration


Bednar, Danny. The History of the Space Shuttle Program. Geography 2090A: Space Exploration, Guest Lecture. Western University Canada, London, ON. October 3, 2013.

Bednar, Danny. Devils Lake: Flooded American Homes vs. Canadian Environmental Risk? Centre for Environment and Sustainability 9th Annual Earth Day Colloquium. Western University Canada, London, ON. April 12-13, 2012.

Bednar, Danny. Canada’s Arctic Strategy under the Harper Government. Geography 9334: Environmental Policy, Guest Lecture. University of Western Ontario, London, ON. October 24, 2011.

Bednar, Danny. Taking Geographers out of Geography? Academic and Popular Geography. Department of Geography Critical Reading Seminar Series. University of Western Ontario, London, ON. November 12, 2010.


2013 - Western University Department of Geography - E.G. Pleva Teaching Award

2012 - Best Presentation - Centre for Environment & Sustainability 9th Annual Earth Day Colloquium

2011 - University of Western Ontario: Social Science Graduate Award

2011 Universtiy of Western Ontario Department of Geography: Michael J. Troughton Award

Grants & Scholarships

2010 - Present - Western University Graduate Research Scholarship

2011 - University of Western Ontario Faculty of Social Sciences: Agnes Cole Dark Fund (Co-Applicant with Supervisor)

2009-2010 - Government of Canada Millineium Scholarship

2007-2010 - Government of Manitoba: Canada Student Grant for Students from Low-Income Families