Yvonne Rollins

PhD Student

Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Contact Information

Office: Room 1424, SSC
E-mail: yrollins@uwo.ca


Research Supervisor (s):

Dr. Jamie Baxter


Courses Taught TAed

Research Interests

Public policy development processes and their influence on the governance of environmental resources.  I am focussing on three key themes:

1.Environmental Resource Governance - with a particular focus on municipal waste as an example of a ubiquitous and yet often overlooked resource management issue.

2.Public Policy Processes - with a focus on including a range of research approaches, evidence sources and stakeholders.

3.Sustainability - focussing on how concepts from the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) interact and inform the above themes.

I am enrolled in the environment and sustainability collaborative program and for my thesis research I hope to explore the prospects for sustainable municipal waste management in Ontario.

Why Western

Great farmers markets & wineries nearby. Guaranteed snow.