Jason Gilliland

Associate Professor and
Director, Urban Development Program

Research Interests

My professional and academic background is in architecture, urban planning, and human geography and my research can be characterized as an integration of all three disciplines. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of environmental and social change from the scale of entire cities down to the level of individual buildings and their inhabitants. My ongoing research focuses on various aspects of urban planning and development, urban design, housing, transportation, children's environments, and public health in Canadian cities. This work utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and I have a particular interest in advancing urban and health applications of geographic information systems (GIS).

Publications (past 7 years)

Refereed Journals

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Chapters in Books

Lutz, J., Dunae, P., Gilliland, J., Lafreniere, D. and Harvey, M. 2013. 'Turning Space Inside Out: Spatial History and Race in Victorian Victoria.' in Assessing the Landscape: Historical GIS Research in Canada ed J. Bonnell and M. Fortin (Calgary: University of Calgary Press)

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Gilliland, J. 2010. 'The Built Environment and Obesity: Trimming Waistlines through Neighbourhood Design.' in Canadian Cities in Transition (4th Edition) ed T. Bunting, P. Filion and R. Walker (Oxford University Press)

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
M. Healy Current Geographical analysis of children's health issues in SW Ontario
S. McCans Current Children's exposure to nature and their health & well-being
E. Paddle Current TBA
D. Rivet Current Active Transportation and the Built Environment
D. Lafreniere 2014 Reconstructing the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Daily Life in the 19th Century City: A Historical GIS Approach
J. Loebach 2013 Neighbourhood influences on children's play
R. Sadler


2013 Evaluating the Food System and Effective Interventions for Health and the Economy
M. Novak 2010 The evolution of retail landscapes in London, Canada, since 1850
MA Students Year Title
J. Campbell
Current Children's Health and the Built Environment. Specifically, a review of recreation facility use by grade 5 students throughout London, Ontario
M Clark Current Small Food Business Incubation and Community Economic Development
M. McGregor Current Using a smartphone app to target food accessibility with spatial and temporal interventions
C. Mitchell Current Active transportation and the built environment
S. Fitzpatrick 2014 Examining Children's Perceptions and use of their Neighbourhood built Environments: A Novel Participatory Mapping Approach
L. McIntosh 2014 Examining the impact of children's exposure to and use of natural built environments on sleep
L. Richard 2014 Inactive commuting to school and children's health-related behaviours and outcomes
E. Hill 2012 Identifying the Influence of Parents' and Children's Perceptions of Their Built and Social Environments on Children's Mode of Travel to and From School
D. Lafreniere 2010 Upgrade from Masters Program to PhD Program
D. Stubbs 2010 Quantitative Analysis of Residential Morphology in SW Ontario
R. Sadler


2010 Upgrade from Masters Program to PhD Program
K. Larsen 2008 Environmental Influences on Mode of Travel to School
M. Holmes 2006  Public play spaces for youth in London, Ontario
M. Novak 2006 Fire and urban morphology: a spatial-temporal analysis of destruction and reconstruction
M. Luciani 2005 The geography of emergency food assistance
MSc Students Year Title
A. Gartshore Current Plume modeling and environmental
C. Smith Current  
T. Thayer
Current Understanding the Spatiality of Urban Active and Public Transportation Patterns
C. Rangel 2013 The Local Food Environment of Children in London Ontario: A Methodological Comparison
M. Maltby 2012 Case studies of personal exposure to PM25 during children's school journeys and cyclist's morning commutes in London, Ontario, Canada

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  • GEO 3000 - Field Methods & Practices
  • GEO 3461 - Land Use and Development Issues
  • GEO 9114 - Graduate Seminar in Urban Geography
  • GEO 9514 - Advanced Urban Social Geography