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    Outdoor classroom: Green River, Kentucky

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    Urban Studies: Analyzing urban morphology & development in New York, USA

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    Yogurt Mamas Project: Producing probiotic yogurt in Mwanza, Tanzania


Study shows link between food insecurity and poor mental health

In a recent research study published in the journal of Social Science & Medicine, Health Geography PhD candidate Kilian Atuoye, highlights elevated mental distress in heads of households where food insecurity is moderate to high. The study was conducted with nearly 1,500 household heads in the northwestern region of Ghana, Africa, where food insecurity is an issue. [ARTICLE]

Student GIS Poster Competition

All Students from Western Social Science are invited to enter a poster on any topic regarding GIS and its use. How to enter

Congratulations to Western Masters Student Michael Allen

The Board of Urban Environment has awarded Michael the Excellent Oral Presentation Student Award. His presentation, "A Climatology of Urban Surface Heat Islands Derived from Hemispherical Radiometric Surface Temperatures", can be found here.

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