How do activities and spaces within gyms become gendered?

Postdoctoral associate, Stephanie Coen, explores this idea in her published article, “It’s gym, like g-y-m, not J-i-m”: Exploring the role of place in the gendering of physical activity” in Social Science & MedicineRead more

Geography Researcher Crashes into Moon Mystery Solution

Western Geography Professor Philip Stooke's latest finding closes a decade-old mystery about the final resting place of SMART-1, the European Space Agency’s first lunar mission sent into a controlled impact with the Moon in 2006, three years after its launch in 2003. Read more

Geography Student Honoured for Life-saving Actions

Geography graduate student Timothy Wiechers was honoured this past month by the Ontario Provincial Police for his role in saving the life of a young woman following a near fatal rollover along Highway 401. Read more

Study Scraps Food Waste Fallacies

Geography PhD candidate Paul van der Werf, who boasts a quarter century in environmental consulting, is examining waste in London, looking to find why Londoners throw away significant amounts of food and what can be done to reduce the organic haul that ends up in landfills. Read more

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