"Climate change clues rest in taking London’s temperature"

In the coming years, cities will get bigger and more crowded, contributing to more extreme weather patterns, including intense precipitation, extreme heat waves and increased surface temperatures. Geography professor and Chair, James Voogt, will identify ‘hot spots’ city planners and politicians can focus on while designing strategies to reduce temperature by planting trees or increasing the surface reflectivity. Read more

WMO Presents Top Scientific Prize to Dr. Gordon McBean

"The World Meteorological Organization has presented its top award to Gordon McBean of Canada for his outstanding work in meteorology and climatology and his leadership as a scientific researcher. Mr McBean is currently President of the International Council for Science. The IMO Prize is the equivalent of the Nobel prize for meteorology. Established in 1955 and named after the predecessor of the WMO, the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), it is awarded every year by WMO Executive Council." Read more

IMN - Supporting Transitions to Health Research and Professions

In February 2018, IMN (Ontario) hosted a three-day workshop aiming to provide Indigenous undergraduate students with skills and mentorship to support successful transitions into graduate school and Indigenous health training. At the end of the three-day workshop, 10 students representing 9 universities shared how the experiences and connections they made provided them with direction, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Watch here

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