Dr. Belinda Dodson talks drought and Cape Town's worst water crisis in 100 years

Adjunct Professor Belinda Dodson, recently shared her thoughts on Cape Town's water crisis on CBC Ottawa's All in a Day. You can listen to the full interview here

Geography Western Researchers Take On A Two-Year Study to Get Kids Walking

Dr. Jason Gilliland and Dr. Andrew Clark, are studying the environmental benefits of children walking to school instead of being driven. Ultimately, they hope to change perceptions and encourage more kids to walk to school. Read more

How a collaboration with Geography's HEAL uses GIS and GPS to change the way people hear the world around them

The Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL), the National Centre for Audiology, and Unitron, a Kitchener-based hearing aid manufacturer, are hoping their collaborative research will showcase how hearing aids perform in different environments, and focus on whether adding information about the environment will create more useful information for hearing aids. Read more

Dr. Chantelle Richmond launches Ontario's first Indigenous-led health training network

As featured in multiple news sources, including Western News, Dr. Richmond "will serve as program lead for the Indigenous Mentorship Network Program of Ontario, a Western-based hub dedicated to Indigenous health training that is both culturally relevant and scientifically rigorous".

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