Isaac LuginaahWestern Social Science

Current Projects

Outdoor Physical Activity and Health Study 

Health Canada

2013 and 2014 


Malawi Farmer-to-Farmer Agroecology Project

Canadian International Devlopment Agency

March 2014

Isaac CIDA Project

Photo: Western News

Improving food and nutrition security through farmer-to-farmer education, sustainable agriculture and local food enterprises for youth in Malawi. In partnership with Dr. Rachel Bezner Kerr. 

Western News

Changes in Environment and Well-Being in the Vicinity of Major Traffic Pollution: A comparison of Relocates and Non-Relocates. 



Together with Dr. Jamie Baxter, Dr. Michael Buzzellie, Dr. Jason Gilliland, Dr. Joy Parr and a team from The University of Windsor. 

Preserving Local Knowledge to Protect Health Among Anishinabe Communities on Northern Lake Superior



Together with Dr. Chantelle Richmond and Dr. Jerry White from Western First Nations. 

Air Pollution Exposure, Health Effects and Environmental Inequity: Land Use Regression Analysis and Air Pollution Sampling in Ottawa and London, Ontario, 2010 - 2011. 

Health Canada 


Together with Dr. Michael Buzzelli. 

Participatory Farmer Research on Agroecological Adaptation to Environmental Change and HIV/AIDS in Malawi. 



Together with Dr. Rachel Bezner Kerr 

Emerging Methodologies for Examining Environmental Influences on Children's Exposure to Air Pollution 


2009 - 2010

Together with Dr. Jason Gilliland

Probiotic Yogurt for Health and Nutrition

World Bank

2007 - 2008

Yogurt Kitchens