Joy Parr

Professor and Canada Research Chair

Research Interests

The historically specific sensing body; the influences of large scale technologies on their neighbours; chemical, radiological and microbiological contamination in landscapes and workplaces; social and cultural responses to power generation; ergonomic design in manufactured goods

Publications (past 7 years)

Refereed Journals

Parr, J., Van Horssen, J. and van der Veen, J. 2009 'The Practice of History Shared across Differences: Needs, Technologies, and Ways of Knowing in the Megaprojects New Media Project' Journal of Canadian Studies 43(1): 35-58

Parr, J.  2006 'Smells Like?:  Sources of uncertainty in the history of the Great Lake environment' Environmental History 11(2): 269-300

Parr, J.  2006 'Working knowledge of the insensible: an embodied history of radiation protection in Canadian Nuclear Power Stations, 1962-92' Comparative Studies in Society and History 48(4): 820-851

Parr, J. 2005 'Local water diversely known: Walkerton, Ontario 2000 and after' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 23(2): 251-271

Parr, J. 2005 'Industrializing the household: Ruth Schwartz Cowan's More Work for Mother' Technology and Culture 46(3): 604-613

Chapters in Books

Parr, J. 2010 'Our Bodies and Our Histories of Technology and the Environment’ in The Illusory Boundary: Environment and Technology in History ed M. Reuss and S. Cutcliffe (University of Virginia Press) 26-42

Parr, J. 2003 'Economics and homes' in Gender and Technology: A reader ed N. Lerma, R. Oldenziel and A. Mohun (Johns Hopkins University Press: Baltimore) 329-358


Parr, J. 2009 Sensing Changes: Technologies, Environments and the Everyday 1953-2003 (UBC Press)

Janovicek, N., Parr, J. eds 2003 Histories of Canadian Children and Youth (Oxford University Press: Don Mills, ON)

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
E. Huner
Current TBA
T. Oiamo
Current TBA
D. Nixon 2012 Sensing Commute Spaces and Automobilized Places by Foot, Bike and Car in Vancouver, BC

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