Dan Shrubsole

Professor and Chair

Research Interests

Research interests are in resource and environmental management including:

  • Integrated water management in Canada
  • Integrated catchment management in Queensland, Australia
  • Policy implementations and evaluation
  • Ontario Conservation Authorities

Publications (past 7 years)

Refereed Journal Articles

Shrubsole, D. 2007 'From Structures to Sustainability: A History of Flood Management Strategies in Canada' International Journal of Emergency Management 4(2): 183-196

Schulte-Hostedde, B., Walters, D., Powell, C. and Shrubsole, D. 2007 'Wetland Management: An Analysis of Past Practice and Recent Policy Changes in Ontario' Journal of Environmental Management 8(1): 83-94

Walters, D. and Shrubsole, D. 2005 'Assessing Efforts to mitigate the impacts of wetland drainage in Ontario' The Canadian Geographer 49(2): 155-171

Shrubsole, D. and Johnson, A.J.K. 2005 'A Question of Partnerships: Environmental Management in A Question of Partnerships: Queensland's Sugar Cane Industry' Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 12: 37-48

Chapters in Books

Shrubsole, D. and Draper, D. 2007 'On Guard for Thee? (Ab)uses and Management in Canada' in Eau Canada: The Future of Canada’s Water ed K. Bakker (UBC Press: Vancouver) 37-54

Mitchell, B. and Shrubsole, D. 2007 'An Overview of Integration in Resource and Environmental Management' in Integrated Resource and Environmental Management: Concepts and Practice ed K.S. Hanna and D.S. Slocombe (Oxford University Press: Toronto) 21-35

Shrubsole, D. 2005 'Floodplain Management in Canada: Evolution and Issues' in Sustaining Our Futures: Reflections on Environment, Economy and Society ed D. Shrubsole and N. Watson (University of Waterloo, Department of Geography Publication Series: Waterloo) 317-364

Cohen, S., de LoŽ, R., Hamlet, A., Herrington, R., Mortsch, L. and Shrubsole, D. 2004 'Integrated and Cumulative Threats to Water Availability' in Threats to Water Availability in Canada ed L. Brannen and A. T. Bielak (NWRI Scientific Report No. 3 and ACSD Science Assessment Series No. 1 Report No. 1 National Water Research Institute and Meteorological Service of Canada. Minister of Public Works and Government Services - Ottawa: Environment Canada) 107-127


Fellmann, D., Getis, A., Getis, J., Shrubsole, D. and Hopkins, J.  2007 Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities (Canadian edition) (McGraw Hill, Ryerson Higher Education: Whitby)

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Cunningham, W.P., Cunningham, M.A., Saigo, B., Bailey, B. and Shrubsole, D. 2005 Environmental Science: A Global Concern (Canadian Edition) (McGraw Hill: Oshawa)

Shrubsole, D. ed 2004 Canadian Perspectives on Integrated Water Resources Management (Canadian Water Resources Association: Cambridge, Ontario)

Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
D. Bednar
Current Environmental Risk/hazards, Policy, Public Communication
G. Oulahen


Current The production of unequal vulnerability to climate hazards in Metro Vancouver, Canada
L. Silva Current Integrated resource management
J. Schmidt 2012 Fairness in water allocation
C. Priddle 2009 Adaptive Capacity in Response to Revolutionary Change: The Case of Ontario's Conservation Authorities
D. Walters 2005 An assessment of a decision support system for nutrient management in Ontario
MA Students Year Title
D. Bednar 2012 Geography, News Media Discourse, and Water Management: A Case Study of the Devils Lake Outlet
B. Cook 2006 Flood damages in British Columbia: An analysis of causal factors
D. Sandink 2006 Perceptions of flood hazards in Peterborough, Ontario
C. Powell 2003 Assessing the implementation of storm water management for the protection of wetlands in London, Ontario
D. Walters 1999 Evaluating Ontario's drainage act and wetland management
J. Mateo‑Vega 1999 An evaluation of environmental assessment in Costa Rica
T. Saab 1999 Pollution from septic systems: Assessing the implementation of Ontario EPA regulation 358 and the clean up rural beaches (CURB) program
B. Steinburg
1997 Policy formulation for the management of lands owned by conservation authorities in Ontario
R. Tyrie 1995 PCB contamination of Pottersburg Creek: A study of risk awareness, perception and management
J. Scherer 1995 Floodplain regulation and the residential real estate sector in Cambridge and Brantford, Ontario
V. Hammond 1994 Evaluation of floodplain as implemented by the Upper Thames Conservation Authority: A case study of London, Ontario 1978-1989
I. Wilcox 1992 Environmental regulation: An assessment of the practice of agricultural pollution control in Ontario

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Dan Shrubsole


Courses Taught

  • GEO 9999 - Research Design and Presentation