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Graduate Program - Overview
The graduate degree programs in the Department of Geography are strongly research oriented, and the completion of a thesis is the main focus at both the Masters and PhD levels. The Department offers several different programs leading to MA, MSc, and PhD degrees. We have specific strengths in the areas of Environment Development and Health, Geographic Information Science, Physical Geography, and Urban Studies. We also have joint degrees in Environment and Sustainability and Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Masters and PhD levels. The Department has excellent research, analytical and computing facilities. Our large and active group of graduate students and faculty conduct research in locations all over the world - see the brochure link on our research opportunities page.  See also our brochure.

Masters Degree PhD Degree

Finding a Supervisor

The Geography website has been augmented to make it simpler to identify appropriate supervisors with the new "finding a supervisor" section.  This is a listing of research opportunities with each supervisor, organized according to our four main research clusters: Environment Development and Health, Geographic Information Science, Physical Geography, and Urban Studies.

Application "Deadlines"

While we technically receive applications year round, the Graduate Affairs Committee will begin review of application files for Fall admission in February.  To be considered for first-round offers, your application, and all supporting documents, must be submitted and received by February 1. Second round applications must be complete by March 1. Applicants will be contacted as decisions are made.  Applications are accepted through mid-summer, but capacity for supervision and funding may be limited by then.

Collaborative Program Information

Inter-disciplinary Opportunities through Geography: Migration and Ethnic Relations

Students are able to enroll in an inter-disciplinary collaborative program in Migration and Ethnic Relations.  For students registered in Geography as their home department, degrees granted under this program will be an MA or PhD in Geography, with a specialization in Migration and Ethnic Relations. Students will meet the requirements of the Geography graduate program, as well as having the opportunity to participate in the program in Migration and Ethnic Relations, for example by taking courses offered by other Social Science departments affiliated with the program and by participating in an inter-disciplinary colloquium series. Students will thus be exposed to various disciplinary perspectives on questions of migration, ethnic relations, cultural diversity, conflict, acculturation and the integration of migrants, while still benefiting from a strong disciplinary grounding in Geography. For further details see the program's webpage.

Another interdisciplinary program is available through the Environment and Sustainability Program - see details on their collaborative MA or MSc or PhD programs.

Graduate Program Funding Update

See details at our funding page.   All funding is dependent on budgets.

Other Funding to Graduate Students

There are a number of internal scholarships available to Geography students. We also provide funding to offset some of the costs for graduate students to make presentations at conferences. Further details can be found through our departmental awards page.


Please contact the Graduate Administrator with any questions regarding the graduate program.

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