Graduate Students

PhD Students

  Name Contact Information Research Interest (and Advisor)
Evan Cleave Armin Ahmadi Agent based modelling for spatial patterns of infectious disease
Ellena Andoniou Ellena Andoniou HIV Aids in Nigeria
Kilian Atuoye Kilian Atuoye Room 1424, SSC
Large-scale land acquisitions in the western Indian Ocean World: quantifying the food security and human health impacts
Dominica Babicki Dominica Babicki Room 1432, SSC
Riley Dillon Kayla Baumgartner Room 2434, SSC
Queer migration to South Africa
Daniel Bednar Daniel Bednar Room 2410, SSC

Environmental Governance, Multilevel Governance, Extreme Weather Adaptation, Political Geography

Nathaniel Bergman Nathaniel Bergman Room 2404, SSC

Channel morphology, channel sedimentology and hydraulic modeling in a formerly glaciated terrain
(Van de Wiel/Hicock)

Alexandra Bozheva Alexandra Bozheva Room 2434, SSC
Multicultural Canada: Mapping Welcome-ability of Canadian Cities and Universities
Evan Cleave Brenton Button Examining the influences of Canadian children's physical activity patterns/levels
Evan Cleave Evan Cleave Room 2436, SSC
Place branding and local economic development(Arku)
David Crenna David Crenna The Urban Geography of Political Decisions:  The Federal Government and Canada's Urbanization, 1871-2011
Riley Dillon Riley Dillon Room 2252, SSC

Evan Cleave Oscar E-Senar Room 2304, SSC
Food web dynamics in lakes
Boyu Feng Boyu Feng Room 2430, SSC
Urban feature extraction from high resolution remote sensing data
Cindy Graeme Cindy Graeme Room 3107, SSC
Rekindling the Fire: An Exploration of Health, Identity, and Place among Urban First Nations Male Youth
Jane Hammond Jane Hammond Room 1432, SSC
Changing industries (tourism and offshore oil) and their effect on the geography of the city and people
Martin Healy Martin Healy
Room 1411, SSC Putting Children on the Map - use of GISci to provide a better understanding of the relationship of childhood health conditions to socioeconomic and environmental factors
Chris Hewitt Chris Hewitt
Room 2250, SSC
The Battle of Hastings: A Geographic Perspective

Hossein Hosseini Hossein Hosseini Room 2436, SSC
Multicriteria decision analysis and geosimulation modeling of urban land use patterns
Xiaodong Huang Xiaodong Huang Room 2430, SSC
Agricultural Information Extraction by PolSAR
Erin Huner (Parr/White)
Lucia Hussey Lucia Hussey Room 2436, SSC
Multicriteria Evaluation Analysis to Climate Change- Infectious Disease Linkages in Ghana
Fatemeh Khajehvarnamkhsti Fatemeh  Khajehvarnamkhsti (Malczewski)
Wes Kinghorn Wes Kinghorn Room 2310, SSC
The place making processes underlying the creation, perpetuation and management of Heritage Conservation Districts (Cultural Geography)
Edward Krynak Edward Krynak Room 2435, SSC
Benthic invert body size spectrum in Ag dominated streams
Vincent Kuuire Vincent Kuuire
Room 1424, SSC
Impact of transnational housing investment on Ghanaian immigrant housing experiences in Canada
Ivan Lee Ivan Lee Room 1413, SSC
Climate, human health, environmental issues, knowledge translation

Martin Lefebvre Martin Lefebvre Room 2417, SSC

Geography of Institutional Investment in Canada and around the world from 2000-2015(Green)

Chunhua Liao Chunhua Liao Room 2430, SSC
Annual Crop Net Primary Productivity (NPP) estimation in Southwestern Ontario, Canada using multi-source remote sensing data
Ashley Manning Ashley Manning Room 1432, SSC
The role of community-led approaches in addressing food sovereignty concerns in rural and urban Newfoundland and Labrador
Tristan Martel Tristan Martel Landscape evolution modeling
(Van de Wiel)

Sarah Mason Sarah Mason Room 2244, SSC
Emerging views of rural landscapes in Ontario: A Case Study of the Siting of a Regional Biosolid Processing Facility in Southgate Township(Luginaah/Parr)

Sarah McCans Sarah McCans Room 3116, SSC
Children's exposure to nature and their health & well-being
Shenika McFarlane-Morris Shenika
Mass Tourism and Community Development on the North Coast of Jamaica
Meghan McMorris Meghan McMorris Room 1424, SSC
Using community based research my PhD thesis looks at community owned renewable energy initiatives in Ontario First Nation communities and how they effect the well-being of the community
Edward Krynak Grant Morin

The examination of the economic and environmental impact of Canada's entertainment software industry
Johnathan Osborne Johnathan Osborne
Room 2250, SSC
Housing careers of recently arrived Refugees in second-tier Canadian cities



Lydia Osei Lydia Osei Room 1424, SSC
Poverty, Unemployment and Youth in Ghanaian Mining Communities
Eli Paddle Eli Paddle

Environmental Staging: Trees as the Primary Prop in the Design of Learning Environments that Support Attention Functioning

Eli Paddle Heather Peacock Room 2410, SSC
Global GIS analysis of Primate Biogeography informing Primate Conservation biology
Sarah Peirce Sarah Peirce Room 1418, SSC
Characterization of the Active Width in Gravel-Bed Braided Rivers 

Douglas Rivet Douglas Rivet Room 3116, SSC

Built Environment determinants of Active Transportation in London, Ontario
Yvonne Rollins Yvonne Rollins

Realising waste's resource potential: explaining uneven uptake of waste to energy technologies by Ontario municipalities

Yannick Rousseau Yannick Rousseau Room 2404, SSC

(Van de Wiel)
Fatih Sekercioglu Fatih Sekercioglu Room 3107, SSC
Luis Silva Luis Silva
Room 2235, SSC
A Shift from Government to Governance: Integrated Water Resource Management in the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico
Emmanuel Songsore Emmanuel Songsore
Room 2233, SSC

Social responses to wind energy development in Ontario

Mengieng Ung Mengieng Ung Room 2235, SSC

Coastal Environmental Changes: The Impact on Livelihoods and Population Health in Cambodia(Luginaah)
Siera Vercillo Paul van der Werf Room 3116, SSC
Food waste prevention
Siera Vercillo Siera Vercillo Room 1424, SSC
Gender, Agrarian Transitions and Rural Change-Household Entitlements to Food and Nutrition in Northern Ghana
Brennan Vogel Brennan Vogel Room 2410, SSC
Municipal climate change adaptation(McBean/Weis)
Chad Walker Chad Walker Room 1424, SSC

Wind energy development processes and community-level impacts in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada



Masters Students

  Name Contact Information Research Interest (and Advisor)
Ileana Diaz Michael Allen A climatological analysis of the urban heat island using air temperatures and 3-D urban canyon surface temperatures
Roger Antabe Roger Antabe Room 1424, SSC
Environment and Health Perceptions in the Vicinity of Surface Mining Concessions in the Upper West Region of Ghana
Danielle Barr Danielle Barr Room 2436, SSC
The grain size distribution of Wilket Creek: an analysis of an urban river
Jason Bayne Jason Bayne Room 2306, SSC
The Effects of Municipal Waste Disposal Method on Recycling and Composting Attitudes and Behaviours
Ileana Diaz Joseph Braimah Access to maternal health care in the Upper West Region of Ghana: the case of Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS)(Luginaah)
Laura Briggs Laura Briggs Room 2435, SSC
Assessment of human impacts on water quality through benthic macroinvertebrate biomonitoring in the Grand River watershed
Joannah Campbell Joannah Campbell Room 3116, SSC
The influence of transportation as a geographic and economic barrier to children's physical activity
Ileana Diaz Sarah Cappuccitti Investigate the impact of a smartphone nutrition intervention on the eating behaviours of the adolescent population
Christopher Chesworth Christopher Chesworth Room 2435, SSC
Temporal and spatial variability of stream exposed to human wastewater effluent
Michael Clark Michael Clark Room 1411, SSC
Small Food Business Incubation and Community Economic Development
Samantha Da Rosa Holmes Samantha
Da Rosa Holmes
Room 2308, SSC
First Nations' traditional ecological knowledge in the ideas of environmental health and revitalization
Ileana Diaz Natasha Dhar Thematization and changes in tourism geography
Ileana Diaz Ileana Diaz Room 2436, SSC
Political ecology of oil palm, food and environmental politics, displacement, migration and inequality
Ileana Diaz Rebecca Doyle Using stable isotope science to help explain unusual trends in the d13C signal of alpine lake sediments. Links to climate warming, lake productivity, and nutrient loading(Moser/Longstaffe)
Ileana Diaz Catherine DuBreck Interest areas: urban geography, urban planning, environmental studies, food security, transportation
Amber Gall Amber Gall
Room 1430, SSC
Effects of landscape and climate variations on lake productivity in Alberta
Mariane Ferencevic Amy Gartshore Plume modeling and environmental equity
Jeremy Grimstead Jeremy Grimstead Room 2435, SSC
Utilizing aquatic invertebrates to assess human impact on stream ecology
Jason Igras Julia Howett Applied fluvial geomorphology and river restoration
Jason Igras Jason Igras Room 2417, SSC
Ecosystem Risk Assessment and Management using the Bowtie Method and Focusing on the Cumulative Effects of Forest Harvesting Practices on Downstream Aquatic Ecosystem
Jason Igras Craig Irwin Functional Habitat Partitioning to Evaluate Stream Metabolism in a Large Regulated River (Yates)
Natalie Izral Natalie Izral Room 2435, SSC
Investigating the suitability of the crayfish metabolome as a bioindicator of aquatic ecosystem conditions
Niyomi Khalid Niyomi Khalid Room 2410, SSC
Using remotely sensed data and GIS to better understand copper porphyry deposit in Peru(Pazner)
Dimuth Kurukulaarachchi Dimuth Kurukulaarachchi Room 1413, SSC
Characterizing the energy balance of green roofs in varying Canadian Climates
Emily Lipkowski Emily  Lipkowski Room 1430, SSC
Mapping channel changes over time in the Okavango Delta
(Van de Wiel)
Mark McGregor Mark McGregor Room 1411, SSC
Direct-farm marketing and rural economic development
Niyomi Khalid Sean Meksula (Moser)
Niyomi Khalid Lara Middleton Comparing the morpho-dynamics of physical models and field prototypes in gravel-bed rivers(Ashmore/Yates)
Christine Mitchell Christine Mitchell
Room 3116, SSC
The built environment and children's physical activity: opportunity vs exposure
Niyomi Khalid Nolan Pearce Land use effects on ecological and nutrient status of Great Lakes tributaries in Southern Ontario
Ian Pritchard Ian Pritchard Room 2410, SSC
Automated crater detection and remote sensing image analysis in planetary science
Caren Raedts Caren Raedts Room 1430, SSC
Probiotics in Yoghurt and Improving Quality of Life
Jonathan Raikes Jonathan Raikes Room 2310, SSC
Understanding Development Pathways of Local Responses to Floods: Responses in the City of Vancouver and Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Niyomi Khalid Saloni Salaria Landscape connectivity, Species habitat modeling, Estimating impact of land-use changes on carbon sequestration
Christine Smith Christine Smith Room 3116, SSC
Examining the implementation process of a local physical activity intervention
Yang Song Yang Song Room 2434, SSC
The application of Polarimetric SAR on the monitoring of plant nitrate and moisture(Wang/Stooke)
Thomas Thayer Thomas Thayer Room 2410, SSC
Understanding the Spatiality of Urban Active and Public Transportation Patterns
Niyomi Khalid Suzanne Tillmann Food environments and health
Carrie Warring Carrie Warring Room 1424, SSC
Anna Waz Anna Waz Room 2308, SSC
GIS techniques to define wetland structure and function
Niyomi Khalid Timothy Wiechers Characterizing spatial variability in the urban canopy climate that impacts human thermal comfort within the city of Toronto
Niyomi Khalid Katherine Wilson Health Geography/ Children's Environments (Gilliland)
Hannah Woods Hannah Woods Room 1432, SSC
The Contribution of Community-based Health Planning and Services to Community Health and Sustainability in the Upper West Region of Ghana(Luginaah)
Niyomi Khalid Hongyu Zhang Volunteered GIS