Dr. Gordon McBean gives keynote address at first international conference promoting public science literacy

The 2018 World Conference on Science Literacy was held September 17-19, in Beijing, China where Geography’s own Dr. Gordon McBean gave a keynote address titled “Science Literacy for Sustainable Development of Human Society”. The 2018 World Conference on Science Literary was the first international conference dedicated to promoting public science literacy, the motto, “Building a Community with a Share Future for Mankind”. The conference aims to build an international exchange platform and a global cooperation mechanism to push ahead the joint consultation, construction and sharing in promoting public science literacy; in hopes to rally support from governments, mobilize scientists, educators, media, enterprises and other public forces to fill in the gap in science literacy between countries and enhance human well-being and build a better future. Read more

Geography Professor recipient of First annual Atlohsa Peace Awards

Dr. Chantelle Richmond is one of seven London area residents to receive the Atlohsa Peace Award, which recognizes commitments to peace and reconciliation with Canada's indigenous communities. Sponsored by Atlohsa Family Healing Services, the awards are based on the characteristics of the seven grandfather teachings and reflect wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth. Read more

Graduate student Alexander Wray hits BRT nerve with tweet

A month after moving to London, Alexander Wray sparked a flurry of comments after tweeting his views about London’s BRT plans that earned an invitation on CBC’s London Morning. “I just moved from #watreg to #ldnont and there is palpable cultural shift. This place is trapped in a small town mentality that has big city problems. The expressway should have been built. BRT needs to be built. These candidates need to wake up and realize London is a big place.” Listen to the full interview here.

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